Classroom Happenings

outdoor learning

Each week, Odyssey’s staff publishes a newsletter for each school outlining the major events from the past week and the upcoming curriculum and events for the following week.  We want our parents involved in what goes on around the school and for them to be familiar with the topics that we’ll be covering in each room, so that they can work with their child at home to reinforce all of the great learning that’s happening at Odyssey.

Inverness Classroom Happenings

  • INFANT 1: Mrs. Katy, Ms. Jenika and Mrs. Natashah
    INFANT 2: Mrs. Kelly and Ms. Marqui
    INFANT 3: Mrs. Allison and Ms. Kayla
    INFANT 4: Mrs. April, Ms. India and Ms. Stephanie
  • TODDLER 1: Ms. Rebecca and Ms. Alecia
    TODDLER 2: Ms. Camille and Ms. Devin
    TODDLER 3: Ms. Tonya and Ms. Meredith
  • K3-A: Mrs. Cathy and Mrs. Kendall
    K3-B: Ms. Tiffany and Ms. Catherine
    K3-C: Ms. Chloe, Ms. Keyona, Mrs. Huma and Ms. Leigh Ellen
  • K4-A: Mrs. Rosie and Mrs. Joan
    K4-B: Mrs. Catherine and Mrs. Tracye
  • PreK-A: Ms. Emily and Ms. Ashley R.
    PreK-B: Mrs. Stephanie and Mrs. Cayla
    PreK-C: Mrs. Kelly D.

Trace Crossings Classroom Happenings

  • INFANT 1: Mrs. Anna, Mrs. LaTraunda and Ms. Sandra
    INFANT 2: Mrs. Roxanne, Mrs. LeTerrah and Ms. Jasmine
    INFANT 3: Mrs. Kaitlyn, Mrs. Leslie and Ms. Kiana
    INFANT 4: Mrs. Julia, Mrs. Tiphany and Ms. Kendall
  • TODDLER 1: Mrs. Sarah and Ms. Nesha
    TODDLER 2: Mrs. Cherika and Ms. Brittany
    TODDLER 3: Mrs. Hollery and Mrs. Carly
  • K3-A: Ms. Antonia and Mrs. Bre
    K3-B: Ms. Anna Kate and Mrs. Sarah P.
    K3-C: Mrs. Kisha, Mrs. Tasha and Mrs. Crystal
  • K4-A: Ms. Nicole and Mrs. Kaylyn
    K4-B: Ms. Nina and Ms. Caryn
  • PreK-A: Ms. Ashley and Mrs. Katy
    PreK-B: Ms. Rebecca and Ms. Susan


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