Odyssey Social Network

The Odyssey Social Network is Bob Mitchell’s effort to say “thank you!” to our incredible customers. It is a value-added service offered to our customers, simply by virtue of their children attending Odyssey. It’s also available to our awesome staff, as another sign of our appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication.

Over our 20+ years, Odyssey has established relationships with many area businesses. Often those businesses have asked whether we’d be willing to introduce them to our many customers. The answer always has been no. But, social media has opened up whole new worlds when it comes to bringing people together and it gave us an idea.

The Odyssey Social Network is actually very simple. We approach area businesses known for offering outstanding goods/services and allow them to advertise on Odyssey’s website for free. The only requirement is that they have to offer some incentive to Odyssey families. The easiest example is that a local Mexican Cantina might offer a free bowl of queso with the purchase of two entrees. They do more business. Odyssey families get free queso. Pretty cool stuff!

In return for procuring these discounts all over town, however, we have a favor to ask. We want you to take a picture of your family enjoying your discount and post it to Odyssey’s Facebook page. As we see these posts come across the screen, we’ll Like/Share/Retweet/etc. your pictures across our social media network and ask that all of you do the same so that all of your friends see it. They’ll ask themselves, “why doesn’t my kid’s daycare get me those kinds of great deals?!” Plus, the vendors will similarly Like/Share/Retweet/etc. and then their entire network will see Odyssey. This will result in free publicity for Odyssey, which will keep us full and your tuition lower (yeah!!!) and will encourage yet more businesses to participate so that you get even more better deals all over town. This is so much FUN!!!!!

Included below is our current list of participating vendors. It also includes a list of other friends of Odyssey. These are Odyssey friends and families who can’t offer discounts (e.g., an insurance agent can’t legally offer you a kickback!) but they’re folks whom we know and trust and think that you should meet. If you want us to approach others, just shoot Bob an email with your idea and he’ll gladly take the time to try convince them that this is the cheapest advertising deal they’ll ever get. Click on the logos below to see what each vendor is offering to Odyssey Social Network members. Please enjoy - and get those social media posts going!!!!


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