Infant Program

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Infant classroom

Odyssey’s curriculum is a silent partner providing a framework for discovery-based, hands-on learning, allowing each child to develop into an independent and enthusiastic learner. Our curriculum is focused on language, cognitive, creative, physical and social development, and each of these areas can be witnessed in our Infant Program.

Our infants explore, learn and grow every day in a healthy and safe environment, constantly surrounded by teachers who love being with babies and who understand the importance of nurturing them through language, music, cuddling and playtime.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes Odyssey’s Infant Program from that of other daycare centers is that we group our Infants into appropriate classrooms according solely to their physical development.

Our Infant 1 classroom has only newborns who require adult assistance with virtually every task. Our Infant 2 classroom is occupied by babies who can sit up independently and you might even see a bit of “cruising” around the room. Our Infant 3 classroom consists of active crawlers and early walkers and our Infant 4 classroom has active walkers (and runners!).

Your baby almost certainly won’t attend every infant room because different children progress physically at different rates throughout their infancy, so we work directly with our parents to guarantee that their child is in the best infant room that meets their needs and desires. We believe that this approach creates a safer environment for your child.

Finally, our Infant Program staffing model is different than most other childcare centers you’ll see. We employ a “3-Teacher Model” that puts three dedicated full-time teachers inside each classroom with a 4:1 child-to-teacher ratio in all Infant classrooms. Additionally, there is at least one extra part-time “floater” inside each room that assists each room during lunch breaks in the middle of the day or just extra coverage in the early morning or late afternoon. This type of consistency among our staff guarantees that both you and your baby will develop a close bond with the same caregivers every day. This concept is a foundation of our Infant Program and it is unmatched by any other Birmingham daycare option that you might consider.


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