Preschool Program


Preschool classroom

Odyssey’s goal is to create a life-long love of learning. In keeping with that mission, our Preschool Program has been designed specifically to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. Our Preschool students work within a framework that’s a bit more structured than our Toddler Program, but which remains rooted in play. We’ve heard many parents say that their child really just thinks they’re having fun each day; but they know how much learning is really going on!

Our Preschool Curriculum includes daily lessons in reading, math, science, foreign language and geography. An additional primary emphasis also is placed on your child’s positive social development and we have specific program elements that are designed to encourage our students to become good friends and well-behaved students, in addition to being confident learners.

By the time your child reaches our PreK program, they’ll know what it’s like to be in some of the nation’s best elementary school classrooms. In fact, we have more learning resources than most schools. There are loads of books in a dedicated library setting, computers in every class, art easels, manipulative and active play centers and even digital interactive white boards that provide online access to the most up-to-date learning resources. It’s very rewarding for us to be in one of our preschool classrooms and to watch a young student who’s already willing to stand up and share his ideas in front of his friends!

So the curriculum and the learning environment are terrific, but what really sets Odyssey’s Preschool Program apart is that we’ve got the best teachers you’ll find anywhere. In fact, to our knowledge, Odyssey is the ONLY daycare and preschool company ANYWHERE guaranteeing that each of its preschool classrooms will have at least one teacher with a four-year college degree in elementary education, child development or another field directly related to teaching young children. So, when Odyssey says that we teach our children, it’s not something said simply because we know that’s what a parent wants to hear; we actually employ educated, certified teachers who are licensed to teach in the state’s public schools and it’s the entirety of our approach that makes our Preschool Program the absolute best you will find anywhere.


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