The Vines Family

Debbie and Billy Vines, Odyssey Parents from 2007 to present

One thing I try to follow is my mother’s instinct (and daddy’s too!); it’s what led us to choose Odyssey Early Schools for our first daughter, Kaitlyn.  We had visited other childcare centers before “interviewing” Odyssey, but we were so blown away with the school, the administration, and the teachers that I cancelled the remaining appointments we had.  And, that instinct did not steer me wrong.

Although I was in tears the first day I dropped Kaitlyn off at 4 months old, I knew without a doubt that she was in good hands.  That transition was made easier because of Odyssey’s “Visit My Child” system that allowed us to go online to see our baby.  I could actually watch the love and care she was given.  As she progressed through her toddler years into preschool, we saw how the targeted lessons had prepared her to reach learning milestones at an earlier age compared to some of her friends who didn’t attend Odyssey.  She was well prepared and ahead of the game by the time she graduated from Odyssey and headed off to kindergarten.

A couple of years later, my husband and I were surprised to find out that we were expecting.  We had thought we were done, but God had different plans for us.  This time around, the search for childcare was simple.  Our choice for Kylie was Odyssey.  Based on the wonderful care and development that Kaitlyn had received, our expectations about the level of care probably increased this time around; once again, we’ve been thrilled.

I cannot stress enough the relationships we have built through Odyssey.  Amanda and Amy do a fantastic job of creating an environment that is professional but very friendly and comfortable.  Not only do we consider the teachers and administrators our friends, but also we have strong relationships with the parents and children we’ve met along the way.  Kaitlyn, who is now in 2nd grade, has best friends from her Odyssey days that go to other schools with whom we still stay in touch and she still enjoys returning to Odyssey to visit her former teachers.

We would recommend Odyssey Early School to anyone who not only wants loving care but also intellectual growth for their child.


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