The Fisher Family

Jennifer and Brent Fisher, Odyssey Parents from 2014 to present

The only regret we have is that we did not start our children at Odyssey.  It truly is an amazing place.  Our oldest son has always been special but we were not aware of how unique he really was until he came to Odyssey.  He had been having difficulties at the first daycare we chose for him.  After four years there, we decided to move him to Odyssey at the recommendation of our pediatrician and referrals from co-workers.  Unfortunately, he continued to have these difficulties but the staff at Odyssey was more prepared and trained to handle his situation.  Their teachers assisted our healthcare providers by providing accurate information that lead to a proper diagnosis for him.  After a lot of personalized attention, flexibility, and an obvious love of our child, Odyssey has made a major change in his education and personal life.  At the age of 5, he was finally able to write his name without assistance, create a Thanksgiving Day card, and has started making friends. He has gone from crying every morning to a wave as he walks into his class.  We are truly blessed to have found such a wonderful place.


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