The Hayes Family

Debbie and Rob Hayes, Odyssey Parents from 2009 to present

We trust the teachers and staff at Odyssey, and that makes such a tremendous difference when we drop our kids off in the morning.  We know that they will be cared for in a loving and learning environment.  Our kids also love the extra-curricular activities that Odyssey provides.  From Soccer Shots, to Music, Dance, and Tumble Bus, there are so many additional items available through the program.  It’s also extremely important to know that our children are eating healthy meals during the day, and Odyssey’s consistent food service has been a tremendous plus to the overall value of the program.  Finally, their Internet Video Monitoring system, Visit My Child, has been a very comforting amenity to the Odyssey program, allowing parents (and Grandparents!) to peek in on their children and see them in the classroom environment.  Whether it’s at naptime, circle time, or lunchtime, you can use the computer or login from your smart phone and see what’s going on.


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