The Cofield Family

Pam and Jeff Cofield, Odyssey Grandparents from 2011 to present

Odyssey Early School is definitely my pick for the best Preschool, Afterschool and Day Camp!  It’s a happy place!

When we found ourselves with three grandchildren to care for, I don’t know how we could have done it without the wonderful people at Odyssey.

From the administration, to the teachers, to the cook, the staff is friendly and kind.  They are well educated in caring for the children at each stage, with many degrees in childhood education.  They are flexible and accommodating to special needs, if possible.  And, there are so many extra resources available; gymnastics, soccer, beautiful school photos, hearing and vision screenings, and even opportunities for the children to share with others less fortunate through their annual fundraiser.  Their Summer Camp program is awesome, with trips to so many fun places!

When our oldest grandchild, Lily, began Kindergarten, her teacher asked me where she’d attended Preschool.  I told her she went to Odyssey, she told me that she can always tell which children attended Odyssey because they’re always very knowledgeable when they begin Kindergarten.  Lily had a very easy transition into elementary school – she was already so confident because many of the techniques used in her Kindergarten class were the same ones used at Odyssey.

Our other two grandchildren, twin boys, were crawlers when they enrolled several years ago, but they still want to go back and visit their teachers from earlier classrooms to give them hugs!

Our grandchildren were going through a tough transition when they first enrolled at Odyssey.  Sometimes there were tears in the morning, but there always were open arms to hold them.  If I was concerned later in the day, I could watch them on my computer or phone and it was comforting to see them having fun.

If you are considering a place for your little one during the day, please visit Odyssey Early Schools.  You will not be disappointed!


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