The Goff Family

Susan and David Goff, Odyssey Parents from 2008 to present

As our only child, we wanted Isabell to be an environment where she would be with others as she began to grow.  Our biggest goal was to find a place where she would learn and not just be watched (or play all day).  With Odyssey that is exactly what we receive.  Every time we pick her up, she’s so excited about what she did that day, and can’t wait to go back the next day.  This has not changed in the entire 7 years that she has attended.  As she transitioned into elementary school, she was well past most of her kindergarten class, and that is all thanks to Odyssey.

The administration and teachers are exceptional.  Little things in just knowing our names and greeting us at the door with what Isabell had done that day (good or bad).  Today Isabell has maintained friendships with her peers, but more than that we have friendships with their families.  More importantly we have friends with the administration and teachers to this day.


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