The Lunsford Family

Kallie and Mike Lunsford, Odyssey Parents from 2000 to 2010

I would not have placed my children in any other facility in Birmingham.  We toured numerous facilities before the birth of our first child and decided on Odyssey.  We have used both Odyssey facilities in Birmingham and the consistency of management, classroom organization, food quality, playground, staff, etc. are equal between the two facilities.  The baby-to-teacher ratio was the best available and the ratios in other classrooms were appealing to us as our child grew up.  We appreciated that Odyssey provided all that was needed to care for our child and I was not packing bags of diapers, wipes, lunch, sippy cups, snacks, etc.

As our family grew and we had two additional children, Odyssey was the only facility we ever considered.  Having three children in daycare at one time was tough getting out of the door each day.  Odyssey assisted in that daily drop off and pick up in any way possible.  The personal greetings as you walked in the front door, to the detailed updates by a teacher when we picked up our children, were priceless to us.  I always felt like Odyssey staff and teachers truly loved our children and only wanted them to have fun, be a child, play outside, laugh and learn each day.

We also enrolled our children in the summer camp programs.  It was a comfort knowing that our children were outside of the facility each day and exploring the different sites in Birmingham.  My kids loved the schedule offered during summer camp and enjoyed being with their friends throughout the summer who they knew from daycare or school.


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