The Ray Family

The Ray Family, Odyssey Parents from 2013 to present

One of the many reasons we chose Odyssey for our son is its focus on education.  Because my husband and I are both teachers, we have high expectations regarding curriculum and engagement, even at the preschool level.  Both caring and well-educated, Odyssey’s amazing staff ensures an appropriately challenging curriculum filled with creative play, artistic expression, and focused learning time.  I love that the weekly agenda is posted both outside the door and online, that music and art occur daily, and that themes for the week focus on engaging topics like fire safety, nutrition, and Dr. Seuss.

My son loves his teachers and I know it’s because they make him feel valued and significant. Recently, it was his turn to be “Star Student of the Week.”  He brought in his favorite book, his favorite toy, and some other items special to him; you've never seen a child so happy to get up and go to school!  It's times like these that I'm reminded how blessed we are to attend Odyssey Early School.

Although education is a primary factor in our decision for our son to attend Odyssey, there are others as well, including the nutritious meals served daily (including breakfast!); the cleanliness of the facility, which cuts back on the spread of illnesses; the security provided through the key pad entry and video cameras; the up-to-date outdoor play areas; the fact that we never have to remember to bring diapers and wipes; and the excellent staff who really is the heart of this institution -- These are the reasons we love Odyssey and return year after year.


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