The McCown Family

Mandy and Mike McCown, Odyssey Parents from 2012 to present

There comes a day in all our lives, when we must entrust our children to the hands of someone else.  We knew the very moment we entered Odyssey Early School at Inverness that our children would receive the best care possible.

Our children’s lives have truly been enriched.  They have been loved, cared for and taught in an incredibly safe and nurturing environment.  From video cameras in the classroom, to communication and technology that alert us in times of bad weather that may affect our scheduled pickups or drop offs, Odyssey Early School offers the best of the best when it comes to safety, something on which we could never put a price.

The best in preschool education (our Kindergarten teacher told us she observed a very apparent difference in preparedness from the children who graduate from Odyssey), meets the best in development both academically and physically.

Odyssey offers dance, gymnastics and sports activities as part of their curriculum, giving our children a true 360-degree development.  And while all of those things are of critical importance, we have grown accustomed to Ms. Cindy’s warm greeting in the morning, Mr. Cedric’s high five on the way to the classrooms, Ms. Annie and Ms. Jennifer’s doors always being open, and the loving morning and afternoon hugs from every teacher we have ever had.  We drop our children off in the morning and smile at the thought of the hands we have put them in.  We highly recommend Odyssey Early School for Daycare, Preschool and After School care.


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