The Cromes Family

Ashley and Jason Cromes, Odyssey Parents from 2011 to present

There’s so much to say about Odyssey – but I’ll try!

The infant classes at Odyssey are very nurturing and the teachers inform you about what your child accomplished that day and celebrate it with you. There’s never been a single day I’ve worried that my child wasn’t in the absolute best hands. They have your back if you forget something and the daily reports tell you all the important information you will need. And, it’s wonderful to know that you’re not going to be picking up your child at the end of the day from someone who barely knows your child or you.

In the PreK classes, my daughter learned Spanish numbers and colors early and was introduced to so many different authors and books each year. She looked forward to the annual Suessical parade down the hallway and loved working on the interactive digital smartboard in that room. Each day brought something new that made her want to get out of bed to go to school. Odyssey’s teachers celebrate education and make each day fun. My daughter was reading full books in Pre-K and spelling 100+ sight words. She was more than prepared for Kindergarten and, most importantly, she loved school. That is the best outcome any parent could ask for.

But the most important thing Odyssey does for the children is to provide structure. Everything is organized for the kids and for the parents so we can be involved. You can check online and know each week what they will be learning, eating, and celebrating. Structure also gives uspeace of mind that our children will be safe. I often check in on the video monitors to see how their day is going – it’s great to see the kids laughing and having fun.

Odyssey teachers are special – they love these kids and go above and beyond to make each week exciting. They learn what makes your child enjoy school and relate to them in a way that creates friendship for life. The parents love them like the kids do. You know you can call anytime to check in on your child and you will get a real answer that shows the teachers are paying attention. I love that they constantly display the children and classroom achievements. Each week I get to see the excitement on my child’s face just walking down the hall looking at the artwork/writing and showing me what she has accomplished. Such Pride! The artistic talent in this group of teachers is unparalleled and my daughter thrived on it.

I want to give some particular comments on several of the very special individuals who have impacted our family:

  • Kisha Martin goes out of her way to remember birthdays and celebrate them. She has an extra love for these kids and the parents. And, parents, be prepared for your special book of memories at the end of the year!
  • Ashley Davis has this energy and laughter that kids respond to and a way of calming them down to focus – I’ve never seen anything like it!
  • I am indebted to Hannah Sledge in Infant 1 for preparing me for what lies ahead the first weeks you drop your baby off and for having helpful tips that alleviated my constant “new-mommy” worries.
  • Roxanne Roddam in Infant 2 just makes me smile. I sincerely appreciate her giving my son the extra love he needed each day by helping him fall asleep with extra snuggles and helping me understand how he was transitioning from baby to toddler and to learn what worked best for him.
  • Brittany Long, Cherika Watford and Bre Whitley in Infant 4 are helping to turn Will into such a little man! I can’t say enough thanks for giving him that extra hug when mommy leaves and for doing his dance moves with him – you guys are awesome!
  • Rebecca Abernathy in PreK has developed a special bond with Hailey and understands exactly what makes her smile. Her extra, motherly love really helps Hailey enjoy each day with her friends and I appreciate keeping me in tune with what’s going on in the classroom. This was especially important to me after the addition of a new baby to our family, when I didn’t feel as if I was in-tune to what Hailey was doing as I’d previously been.
  • And, in the front office there’s Amy Dagnan - you will never find a happier and more helpful soul than Amy! She handles any concern quickly and effectively and just makes you smile each day. She makes Odyssey feel like a home.

I love when the holiday performances roll around. In Pre-K you will have several in a year and they are always well done with costumes, dancing and music. My daughter keeps the secret songs to herself, but I would catch her singing and practicing at home but she would quickly stop to not ruin the surprise. It always made me smile. Sometimes she didn’t want to participate when the big day rolled around, but it taught her confidence to stand up in front of a crowd and by the end of Pre-K she was fully engaged and loving every minute.”

Finally, you will not find a more HONEST business than Odyssey. And, honesty is so important in the daycare business; it’s hard to find. But, they won’t wrong you. You don’t have to worry that any corners are being cut following DHR rules. They fix any mistakes or concerns effectively and in an ethical manner.

If you’re considering where to put your child, there’s nowhere else. Go to Odyssey. They will go above and beyond for your family, and they have become a part of ours.


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