Our Odyssey Stories

Odyssey is proud to have established some very close relationships with our families over the years. Hopefully, their stories will provide families considering whether to enroll at Odyssey with some examples of how we treat our customers and of the contribution that we’ve made to the overall childcare environment in Birmingham.

— Here are a few of Our Odyssey Stories —

The Tschudin Family

Our first child started Odyssey in January 2010 and graduated from Odyssey in May of 2014.  Through her time at Odyssey, we were able to watch our child grow and learn at an amazing rate, physically, intellectually and emotionally.  The Kindergarten preparedness at Odyssey is second to none, and we have been amazed at how easy the transition to “big school” has been.

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The Caldwell Family

I just wanted you to know that I just voted for Odyssey as the Best Preschool in Birmingham.  I joked with Amanda Bentley this morning that there needed to be a place to vote for Best Director too!  It occurred to me that your business may be like most in that you may hear complaints more frequently than compliments or praise.  So, I’m sending this simply to say that Amanda is definitely a person who stands out at Odyssey.  She is always approachable and friendly.  She demonstrates genuine concern for the children under her care.  She appears to be a capable leader in your organization and, as such, makes me glad that my daughter is a student at Odyssey.  I am confident you feel the same and hope that she receives the recognition she deserves.

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The Lunsford Family

I would not have placed my children in any other facility in Birmingham.  We toured numerous facilities before the birth of our first child and decided on Odyssey.  We have used both Odyssey facilities in Birmingham and the consistency of management, classroom organization, food quality, playground, staff, etc. are equal between the two facilities.  The baby-to-teacher ratio was the best available and the ratios in other classrooms were appealing to us as our child grew up.  We appreciated that Odyssey provided all that was needed to care for our child and I was not packing bags of diapers, wipes, lunch, sippy cups, snacks, etc.

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The Lester Family

In the 5 years that our eldest child has been a student at Odyssey, we have had the chance to get to know the teachers in just about every classroom and see the positive impact that they have had on our daughter.  I continue to be amazed at the knowledge that my daughter acquires on a daily basis there, and I love watching her confidence grow the more she learns.

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The Goff Family

As our only child, we wanted Isabell to be an environment where she would be with others as she began to grow.  Our biggest goal was to find a place where she would learn and not just be watched (or play all day).  With Odyssey that is exactly what we receive.  Every time we pick her up, she’s so excited about what she did that day, and can’t wait to go back the next day.  This has not changed in the entire 7 years that she has attended.  As she transitioned into elementary school, she was well past most of her kindergarten class, and that is all thanks to Odyssey.

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The Rivers Family

Our family has been with Odyssey Early School since the fall of 2010.  We can honestly say it has been a 100% positive experience.  Choosing the right childcare is one of the most important decisions we can make as parents because we are entrusting others to teach, nurture, and care for our children on a daily basis.

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The Cofield Family

When we found ourselves with three grandchildren to care for, I don’t know how we could have done it without the wonderful people at Odyssey. From the administration, to the teachers, to the cook, the staff is friendly and kind.  They are well educated in caring for the children at each stage, with many degrees in childhood education.  They are flexible and accommodating to special needs, if possible.  And, there are so many extra resources available; gymnastics, soccer, beautiful school photos, hearing and vision screenings, and even opportunities for the children to share with others less fortunate through their annual fundraiser.  Their Summer Camp program is awesome, with trips to so many fun places!

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The Alsobrook Family

The Alsobrook family loves Odyssey Early School!  We are fortunate that all three of our children have been able to experience the preschool's loving teachers, excellent curriculum and loads of fun!  Our kids even ask to go on days when I’m off work and at home.  I couldn't imagine sending my children anywhere else when I know they are getting the best learning experience and are so loved.

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